How Videotape works?
Fast and simple.

Create group video gifts in less than a minute. Start a project, invite others and collect clips. Hit Tape it! and surprise someone big time.


Create videos with everyone.
Join from any smartphone.

Would you like to surprise someone with a personal message from your whole team, family or group? And are you struggling to get everyone in the same place at the right time? Not anymore. Videotape is a mobile app designed for the virtual world. Creating video projects is fast and invitations are shared with a link. That’s what we call collaborative video creation.


Step 1 - Create your project

Creating a collaborative video project takes only four quick steps:

  1. Enter the recipient and the occasion
  2. Set a recording time per person
  3. Determine a deadline for new clips
  4. Write a short instruction for your participants
Videotape invite others for sales, onboarding, recruitment, marketing or internal comms

Step 2 - Invite participants

Once your collaborative video project has been created you can invite others to join. Simply tap ‘Invite’ within the project screen and the app generates a link you can share via WhatsApp, email, Slack, Teams, or any other service of your choice.

When participants open the link on their smartphone they instantly enter the recording flow for your video project, or are taken to the App Store / Google Play to download the Videotape app for free.

Videotape manage clips

Step 3 - Manage your project

Everything you need to manage a project is located within the same screen. You can:

  • View, reorder or delete video clips
  • Record additional clips
  • Set opening and closing titles
  • Pick colors for your titles
  • Select a music soundtrack

Business users are even able to insert custom colors for their brand (using HEX codes) and upload up to two logos. The multiple-logo feature comes in handy when creating sales videos: you can show the customer’s logo and your own side-by-side.

Videotape watch final video

Step 4 - Tape it! And share

Once all the clips are in or the deadline has surpassed, you can tape your project. The app performs a quick check to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Once you confirm, the project is finalized forever and you cannot make changes anymore.

You can now watch and share the final Videotape. The app automatically generates a clean landing page you can share with a unique link. Your recipient can watch on any device – it is not required to download the app.

You can also download the video on your device as an MP4 file to publish on social media or store somewhere else.

“ Videotape helps us to welcome new team members in a very personal way. The app is fast and intuitive, and definitely fun to use! ”
HR Manager

Start free with Videotape

  • Built for iOS and Android
  • Invite people, add music and titles
  • No watermark or share restrictions
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Phone mockup selfie video with Videotape (iPhone cutout)