Convince candidates faster
and turn customers into fans

Designed for teams that want to make an impression.

Create together

Your message is much more powerful when you don’t tell it alone, but together. As a team or organization. Collaborative video makes this easy and scalable.

Surprise easily

Surprise each candidate, colleague or customer with a personal video from your team and strengthen the relationship. We give a 100% Happy-Reaction-Guarantee on all Videotapes.

Convert faster

Recipients feel appreciated by your personal and authentic video message. It will make you earn that desired signature from a candidate or prospect much faster.

Personalized preboarding at FRISS

A warm welcome for every new employee

At FRISS, the friendly family vibe is valued a lot. You can feel it during team outings, within the good atmosphere at the office and as part of the interaction among colleagues. To make new employees feel at home in the organization instantly, FRISS creates personal Videotapes for fresh hires. These videos also close the time gap between signing an employment contract and the actual first working day.

Customer loyalty at Autogroep van Vliet

A personal touch for corporate customers

Autogroep van Vliet is one of the largest dealer networks in the heart of The Netherlands. Although customers often see the face of their account manager, the team is working closely together on the background to provide each customer with a high level of service. To show a piece of this and to make corporate clients feel special, Autogroep van Vliet creates personal Videotapes in which the team shares an enthusiastic message with their customer.

Personalization as the new standard

Use collaborative video to convince candidates quickly, give new colleagues a warm welcome even before their first day, and to make customers feel highly special.