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Surprise someone by sending a personalized group video message. With Videotape you can easily collaborate with others to create an unforgettable personal video experience. Download in the App Store or Google Play.

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“ With Videotape we can finally engage everyone in onboarding new colleagues. Recipients usually reply to us with tears of happiness. ”
HR Manager

Frequently asked questions

Is Videotape really free?

Yes. Videotape is entirely free to download and use and there are no restrictions when creating or sharing projects with up to 9 participants. Not enough? You can unlock premium features by upgrading to Pro or to Business.

Is there a time limit on the Free plan?

No — you can use the Free plan for as long as you want. No restrictions, no time limit.

What is a Videotape Pro subscription?

With a Pro subscription you get access to premium features inside the app. Such as more participants or clips, MP4 downloads for your Videotapes, additional license-free music, and more. You'll also lose the Videotape watermark that is rendered in the top right corner of Free Videotapes.

How do I buy a Pro upgrade?

You can purchase a Pro subscription within the app. Simply open the Upgrade tab via the Settings menu or by tapping a locked feature. You'll be able to select a Pro plan and continue with an 'In-App Purchase'. This means the costs for your selected plan will be charged automatically via your Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) account.

What is a Videotape Business subscription?

Our Business plans are designed for using Videotape to offer hyper personal experiences to your candidates, customers or employees. With a Business subscription you get access to unique features inside the app such as duplicating projects as templates, re-using clips, adding brand colors, logos, job titles, and more.

What is the difference between Pro Unlimited and Pro Once?

With a Pro Unlimited plan, all your projects are automatically upgraded and there is no limit on the number of Pro projects you can start and finish. However, some of our users prefer to update individual projects and not sign up for an ongoing subscription. That's why we also offer one-time purchases to upgrade individual projects.

How do I invite others to my projects?

Inviting others to your project is dead simple! After creating a new project you can tap on 'Invite' and the app automatically generates a link you can share via email, WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, or any other service of your choice.

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  • Collaborative video creation for the virtual world
  • Invite people, manage clips, add your style
  • Share videos easily with a link or download as MP4
Download Videotape on the App StoreGet Videotape on Google Play
Phone mockup selfie video with Videotape (iPhone cutout)