Engage hires during your pre-boarding process

Turn pre-boarding
into a warm welcome

Make new hires feel at home in your team even before their first day at work. Use Videotape to asynchronously create group videos with your hiring team and positively surprise new employees during the pre-boarding process.


Make new hires feel deeply welcome. Show your entire team.

  • Send a warm welcome
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Boost excitement
  • Establish connection
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Turn pre-boarding into a warm welcome
and make new hires feel connected

A warm welcome is the basis for better employee retention in the first six months. With Videotape you send new colleagues a personal video from your entire team – after they signed an employment contract or before they show up for their first day.

  • Make new employees feel part of the team before they start
  • Build on the excitement after signing a new job
  • Improve retention in the first six months of employment
“ It used to be hard to stay in touch with hires before they started. With Videotape we are able to take away any anxiety and make them feel part of our team during their pre-boarding process. ”
HR Manager
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Prepare hires for their new adventure
and build excitement upfront

Signing a new job is exciting. But these feelings typically fade away during the radio-silent period before the actual start date. With Videotape you’re able to re-fuel this excitement and engage new hires during the pre-boarding process.

  • Let new colleagues know they will be part of a great team
  • Take away any anxiety and pave the path to their first day
  • Prepare hires by showing what the company culture is like
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Build your employer brand
and generate positive Word-of-Mouth

A unique experience is not forgotten quickly. With Videotape you quickly surprise candidates or hires with video gift from your team. And believe us: people are going to tell your story or show the video to their peers. 💯

  • Build a friendly and authentic employer brand
  • Generate positive Word-of-Mouth for your company
  • Reach potential candidates outside your network for free

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