Communicate internally with Videotape

Connect all teams in
one engaging video

Get rid of long, boring email memos and let multiple departments record a short update with video. Videotape merges these into one video message that you can easily share with the entire internal organization.


All departments can join. In the office or remote.
Make each company update engaging.

  • Connect different teams
  • Record asynchronously
  • Keep everyone updated
  • Share videos easily
Videotape manage open projects for sales, recruitment, internal communication, onboarding

Keep all employees involved
by creating videos collaboratively

In many organizations, different teams are usually not aware of each others’ developments. Often there is an internal update in the form of a lengthy monthly email newsletter that is read poorly. With collaborative video you make this process engaging and improve the consumption of internal news.

  • Allow multiple teams to present their accomplishments
  • Recording is done asynchronously when it suits everyone
  • The Videotape app merges all recorded clips into one video
“ Within our company I was responsible for collecting internal updates and processing them into an email. It usually got so long that it was not read well. With Videotape I just need to send my colleagues a link, and the updates are watched a lot! ”
HR Business Partner
Videotape invite others for sales, onboarding, recruitment, marketing or internal comms

Anyone can join hassle-free
with his or her own smartphone

Who said internal communication is time consuming? With Videotape you share a link, and participants can directly record a short summary. All clips are automatically uploaded into one video.

  • Create video projects fast and invite others with a link
  • Collect and manage clips, set titles and pick music
  • Share final videos quickly with your organization via a unique weblink

Turn internal updates into something
that people actually look forward to

With Videotape you make internal communication easier and more fun. Both for participation and for watching. If you want your teams to be up-to-date with each others developments, create important updates together with video.

  • Create collaborative videos quickly and easily
  • Share internal news in an interactive format with your organization
  • Improve mutual understanding by communicating more personally

Try Videotape free

  • Make internal communication appealing and effective
  • Establish connection between multiple teams
  • Save time and a lot of lengthy emails
Phone mockup selfie video with Videotape (iPhone cutout)