Recruit faster with Videotape

Convince candidates
and recruit faster

Convince candidates with a Moment of Magic. Make them feel extremely welcome by sending a motivational video from their future team members.


A video app made to WOW candidates.
Create a Moment of Magic and fill vacancies faster.

  • Show the real team
  • Convince candidates
  • Speed up recruitment
  • Strengthen employer branding
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Make your offer personal and set yourself apart from competitors

Job candidates often have several offers to choose from. Take no risks and flip the coin in your advantage by creating a personal ‘WOW’ moment for any candidate who’s about to sign a contract.

  • Send candidates a personal video from your entire team
  • Establish an emotion and human connection – the wow factor
  • Speed up your recruitment process and sign more contracts
“ The current labor market is highly competitive and that's why we need to stay on top of things with regards to new talent. Personalized video messages generate 86% more interaction for us with candidates during the recruitment process. ”
Corporate Recruiter
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Turn your employee journey
into a personal and warm experience

The employee journey starts during recruitment – so it’s time to position yourself well as an employer. With Videotape you exceed expectations of every candidate, by using highly personal videos in any phase of the recruitment process.

  • Reach and surprise hard-to-find talent
  • Make sure more candidates sign your proposals
  • Build a strong and authentic employer brand
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Grab attention quickly for your vacancies
by adding personalized videos

How do you make your vacancies stand out? By creating personalized videos for any vacancy – of course. Use Videotape to invite multiple colleagues and let your team tell the real story behind the job.

  • Fast video creation for any new vacancy
  • Let the recruiting team tell about the job together
  • Download as MP4 – upload easily to LinkedIn and other platforms

Try Videotape free

  • Convince candidates with a Moment of Magic
  • Speed up the recruitment process and improve conversion
  • Position yourself with an authentic employer brand
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