Close deals faster with Videotape

Show your team
and accelerate deals

Convince prospects and customers to sign their deal
by showing your whole team in highly personalized videos


The video tool made for more personal sales.
No editing. Easy sharing.

  • Evoke emotion
  • Generate trust
  • Close deals faster
  • Spark interaction
Videotape invite others for sales, onboarding, recruitment, marketing or internal comms

Make each first impression unforgettable
with a personalized 'moment of magic'

Customers see the face of their account manager. But a message is more powerful when you tell it together. Show your whole team in one highly personal video and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Make highly personal (first) impressions
  • Pick any team member you’d like to say something
  • Increase customer loyalty with an authentic experience
“ With Videotape we managed to generate 68% more reactions within the first two months of use. It's an amazing conversation starter for our account managers. ”
Sales Director
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Hyper personalization for each account
without spending extra time on it

Closing a deal is team effort, that’s for sure. Also, customers like to see with whom they are dealing. Use Videotape to show and engage your whole team, without claiming valuable time from anyone.

  • Quickly create personal videos for any prospect and customer
  • Determine which colleagues to show to a customer
  • Choose templates and reuse clips to save time

See customer loyalty increasing
with every video you send

Create personalized videos for individual customers with only a few taps on your smartphone, and easily share the URL to a specific landing page.

  • Add clips and use your brand identity
  • Generate your sales video automatically in the Videotape app
  • Share a weblink via email, WhatsApp, Teams or any other channel

Try Videotape free

  • Evoke interaction with customers or prospects quickly
  • Involve your whole team in the sales process easily
  • Close deals faster and increase customer loyalty
Phone mockup selfie video with Videotape (iPhone cutout)