Sensorfy x Videotape: how to convince tech talent

Sensorfy is a fast growing tech scale-up, specialized in developing and implementing predictive maintenance solutions for OEMs. Their head office is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, right in the Brainport area. Therefore Sensorfy is competing for talent with large tech companies such as ASML, Philips and NXP.

Sourcing the most talented people is really hard. To navigate away from corporate competition, Sensorfy differentiates itself as a young, informal and ambitious team. Candidates who make it to the ‘job offer’ phase are usually very excited to join Sensorfy, but they always have multiple offers to choose from.

To gently nudge candidates in their direction, Sensorfy uses Videotape to send a personalized team video message one or two days after making a proposal. This creates a powerful ‘Moment of Magic’ and candidates usually respond happily surprised and thrilled to decide in Sensorfy’s favor.

In this video interview, Gijs Meuleman (CEO) and Kyra Hendrix (Marketing Manager) share their experiences with Videotape.

The personal touch at Sensorfy

Showing a personal touch is very important for Sensorfy.

They company has a young team that identifies themselves as a ‘work family’. There is a strong desire to transmit this vibe to the outside world.

Therefore, there’s a big focus on employer branding, and video is a great method to capture and show the culture.

Sensorfy's first impression of Videotape

Gijs was a bit skeptical about Videotape when he learned about it for the first time. Recording and combining video messages triggered a natural barrier for him.

However, his view completely changed when Sensorfy used it for the first time to convince a candidate. At that moment he was instantly impressed.

The outcome: an overly excited candidate AND a signed job offer.

Candidate experience when receiving a Videotape

Kyra was one of the candidates who received a personalized Videotape during her interview process at Sensorfy.

She explains: “It brought a big smile to my face and I just wanted to sign. It made my choice really easy.”

Gijs adds to this: “Candidates always say it makes them smile. They feel very welcome and special.”

The power of a group video

Kyra highlights why Videotape works well for Sensorfy: “A group video is so powerful, because it brings together all kinds of personal messages. This makes the overall message so much stronger.

I’ve sent several Videotapes to talented candidates. They all feel very special. And that’s the power of sending a Videotape.”

Recruitment, Customer Success, and Sales

Sensorfy plans to use Videotape in the future for multiple use cases.

Gijs explains: “It works really well to convince candidates. But it is also a great tool to celebrate important milestones in a project, and to improve our sales conversion rates.”

Kyra adds: “We have actually signed five people after sending them a Videotape. I think this says it all.”

Recommend Videotape to other companies

Kyra: “The cooperation with the Videotape team has been fantastic. The app did the magic on me, so I am sure it can help other companies in their communication.”

Gijs: “I would definitely recommend Videotape to other companies, because it helps us to stand out. And to improve external and internal communication.”

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