Legentic x Videotape: a customer video case

Legentic, an international data technology platform for insurance companies, uses Videotape to improve internal and external communication. The organization is spread across Europe, and group videos are an ideal way to feel more connected and get aligned quickly.

In this video interview, Marc Mulder (CCO) and Mariniki Vasileiou (Marketing Development Representative) share their experiences with Videotape.

They explain how Videotape helps Legentic with better communication across departments, making new hires feel welcome, and improving conversion rates for sales and recruitment.

Legentic's secret to making communication more personal

Nobody cares about numbers. At the end of the day, we care about how people make us feel. That is what we remember. That’s what sticks.

So Videotape is a very powerful tool to actually get to the heart. What it’s all about.

At Legentic, the team uses Videotape to speed up the realization of marketing and sales goals. But also for onboarding and pre-boarding purposes.

Convincing candidates and showing how much you care

The Legentic team sends a Videotape when they want to convince a candidate to sign with them. Or to give a small nudge to a customer, when they’re on the verge of making a decision.

“Hey, we would really love you to join this squad of fraud fighting vigilantes.”

But also when someone gets sick, really sick, it means the world to them when they get a message from the entire team. It shows that people care.

Legentic's recipients always get a big smile

Receiving a Videotape is an experience like nothing else. To see a group of people who care about you is priceless.

Recipients always respond that Legentic has made their day, and put a big smile on their face.

With Videotape, Legentic creates memorable experiences that last a long time. It’s very powerful (employer) branding.

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