How To Make Your Employer Branding Videos Stand Out (Incl. 8 Examples)

In the wake of the ‘great resignation’ and at a time when companies everywhere are finding it more challenging to attract top talent, an employer branding video is a great way to make your business stand out from all the rest.

In this blog we’ll share how to make your employer branding videos memorable, and we have embedded some examples that work well. Spoiler alert: adding humor is your secret sauce.

What Is an Employer Branding Video and Why Does My Company Need It?

First things first, let’s cover what defines an employer branding video. An employer branding video should be a short depiction of what your company is all about, and what it means to work there. A primary aim of an employer branding video should be to attract talent in all positions across the company, and demonstrate the value of working for you.

A well-made employer branding video should also have the potential to attract awareness and even possible investment from the wider business world. It should ideally be no longer than around 5 minutes to keep it punchy.

Sounds like no small feat right? Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts that can go into making this happen.

8 Top Tips for Making Employer Branding Videos

A lot goes into employer branding videos, and every company should take their own unique approach. To help you work out what your approach should be, consider the following 7 key steps:

1. Get your employees involved

Who could be better for showing off what kind of company you are than the people who work there? They are going to represent the true picture of what working with you looks like for any aspiring new hire.

Use staff members from across the whole business, in a range of roles and experience levels, to show that everyone is a valued member of the team. You could use an app like Videotape to create an awesome collaborative video to add to your employer branding video!

Employer Branding Videos Get your employees involved gif meme

2. Communicate your mission statement

It’s easy to know what a company does, but can be hard to know what they’re all about. For anyone looking to join your team, your employer branding video should let them know what your purpose is and the direction you want to be headed in. After all, they’re going to be jumping on board to help you get there!

3. Demonstrate your culture

Company culture can all too often be a buzzword that is thrown around in the corporate world. But for an outsider looking in it’s good to know that they will be a great fit for your team and not just the job description. According to recent LinkedIn analytics, a post’s engagement can receive a whopping 67% boost when company culture is mentioned. Whether you’re a team of 5 or 50 (or even more), be sure to show what a day in the office will look like.

4. Tell a story

Since the dawn of time (or at least language) human beings have communicated through storytelling. We’re long past the days of cave paintings, but storytelling is still hardwired into our brains as a highly effective way to communicate complex ideas and concepts.

Whether it’s the story of your company, your team, or inspirational individuals within your organization, make sure to spin a good yarn that will get your viewers hooked

5. Highlight your inclusivity

It’s the 21st century, and the responsibility to have a diverse and inclusive working environment should be right at the top of everyone’s agenda. If you’re putting this ethos into practice, it’s important to show that you walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. Your employer branding video should include any DEI and ERG initiatives you are currently undertaking, and if you don’t have any then it’s about time you got started!

6. Lay out career milestones

Everyone wants to know they’re moving forward in life, and career milestones can be an important way for people to define this (especially considering the average person spends 84,365 hours of their lifetime at work, but who’s counting?)

Don’t just set out generic landmarks, but really think through what progress in your company looks like and try to visualize that in your employer branding video.

7. Embrace authenticity

It turns out that honesty is, in fact, the best policy. For any of the past 6 points to work, they need to be a genuine reflection of your company and your employer brand. After all, anyone who joins your company after watching it isn’t going to feel too happy if they arrive on day one and feel everything’s not as expected. 

Gif showing the importance of honesty in employer branding

8. Get Professional Help

You might have all the steps mentioned above ready to go, but it can’t hurt to get some expert help in putting it all together. After all, the best ingredients in the world need a top chef to make that meal pop.

At Videotape we’re not only software builders, no, we’re also experts in making slick and well-put-together employer branding videos.

So definitely reach out to us if you’re looking to make your employer branding video something to be truly proud of.

8 Examples of Great Employer Branding Videos

To help you put these tips into practice, we’ve put together a handy list of examples, so you can see them in action. 

1. SodaStream

Straight out of the gate, we have a brand video that is so whacky it sometimes feels like a fever dream. Packed full of energy and fizzing with vitality, the SodaStream advert goes all guns blazing with its depiction of a fast-paced and out-of-the-ordinary working environment. 

The ending on a spontaneous feeling cut scene gives the viewer a more relaxed and intimate feeling of what things are like for the team behind the scenes, painting the kind of workplace we’d all like to be a part of.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr’s “Generic Recruitment Video” takes the formulaic and clichéd aspects of the employer branding video for a ride, from the wacky to the parody.

Very much taking a say-what-you-see approach, this video still manages to take you on a tour through the very aesthetically pleasing Fiverr offices while poking fun at itself and the competition.

We are taken through everything from longboards in the office to inspirational wall quotes before eventually the paradigm of the video is flipped on its head. We are presented with the idea that this video could in fact be shot anywhere, but that if you are good at what you do then you can work anywhere. Not a bad take for a freelance recruitment company, huh?


It can be hard to make insurance sound exciting, but the team at FRISS isn’t afraid to poke fun at themselves in this regard. Their employer branding video takes a walk on the goofy side and shows that the world of insurance doesn’t always have to be so serious.

At the same time, it highlights a more flexible and laid-back working culture that is sure to resonate particularly with a younger and more vibrant generation of workers. This one was made by us, so if you like what you see be sure to get in touch

4. EventInsight

EventInsight has put together an employer branding video so surreal, you could almost expect Salvador Dali himself must have directed it. The video has playful overly literal takes on tech jargon like bits, bytes, and firewalls, before moving on to the weird and wonderful quirks of their ‘international teams’.

Again, what they’ve done here is very clever. Skewering the stereotypical aspects of what should go in an employer branding video, while also showing off what all the perks are and ticking a lot of the boxes from the first section of this article.

5. Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has gone for a much more rousing and inspirational feel to their employer branding video, compared to a number of our other examples. A highly artistic and well-produced video, this approach from Rockwell Automation is cinematic in its style and tone.

Innovation and collaboration, with the aspirational mindset that tech often aligns with, are concepts that sit at the heart of the Rockwell Automation take on employer branding videos.

6. Intuo

When is a recruitment video not a recruitment video? When it says that the company’s main problem is actually that everyone is so happy, nobody wants to leave! This is the bold approach Intuo has taken with its employer branding video. 

This then sets them up with the opportunity to talk through all the reasons why their employees are so keen to hang around, including international offices, regular development, and a friendly company ethos.

7. Harrod’s

Harrods is a brand that is so established and well known, you would think they don’t even need an employer branding video in this day and age. That’s where you would be wrong. As a brand that is synonymous with high class and prestige, Harrods take the approach of offering a revealing BTS insight into the experiences of the many staff members that make up the store. 

Lifelong employees talk about how Harrods will be the last job they ever work at, and how Harrods lets you ‘be your true self’. All of this serves as a pretty impacting testimony, and really ramps up the feeling of inclusivity they seem to have created for their staff.

8. Tooploox

The tropes of the family are front and center for the Tooploox employer branding video. Family portraits and the old axiom ‘you don’t get to pick your family’ open the video before we’re brought on to the family you do pick. In this case, Leon the office cat specifically.

Again, we are given a tour of the company, this time through the lens of Leon’s POV. We get to see a workplace that is inclusive, dynamic, and above all fun. Throw on top of that VR games and BBQs, and who wouldn’t want to come work with Leon?

Final Thoughts: Stand Out With Your Employer Branding Video

There’s been a lot of information to digest in this article, so make sure you take the time to really think through how this all relates to what your company is going to try to achieve in your employer branding video. 

That includes getting insights and perspectives from a wide range of voices on what they think your organization stands for and the things you should be trying to represent. Some of the feedback might surprise you, so make sure to keep an open mind!

And if you’re looking for creating your own employer branding video – we’d love to help you with that. The Friss example we just shared was done by us, so if you like what you saw be sure to get in touch!