Quickly surprise anyone
with a group video gift

Use Videotape to invite friends, family or coworkers to record personal clips
and let our free app tape it all together in a surprise video – no editing required

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Easily collect personal clips in one place
and auto-create a video montage

We all carry a phenomenal camera in our pocket. That’s why we decided to take full advantage of today’s smartphones and build the most intuitive platform for creating group videos.

Create a project and invite others with a link to record their video. No login required.

Preview clips, drag to re-order and add style. Render the final video with a single tap.

Share your Videotape with an auto-generated URL or download the video as MP4.

Browser based

  • User experience often confusing, especially for participants
  • Video recording differs per device, many different formats in one project
  • No free experience: all rendering happens behind a paywall
  • Forced to submit your creditcard information for each payment
  • Creation and participation process limited to browser functionality

Our native
mobile app

  • Straightforward user interface, easy to use for everyone
  • 100% consistency: all videos converted to the same format
  • Completely free with 5 participants, enjoy the full experience - unlimited
  • Pay with a single tap via in-app purchasing
  • Create and record with our free app, view on any device in any browser

Works on any smartphone.
No video editing. No hassle.

We started working on Videotape with the end goal in mind: our 70+ year old parents should be able to join the fun without having to call us. The entire experience of creating a group video needed to be free of hassle. That’s why our app is so simple to use, while the invisible backend is highly sophisticated.


Make birthday celebrations memorable
with a surprise group video gift from everyone

Receiving a surprise birthday video gift from all your loved ones is an amazing feeling that is worth remembering.

  • Quickly and easily create a birthday surprise video with Videotape
  • Collect birthday video wishes from everyone in one place
  • Send a unique and personalized birthday gift that will last forever
Videotape manage clips

Quickly convince job candidates to sign
with personalized videos from your team

There are many powerful use cases for using group videos in your business. Do your job candidates have competing offers? Gain a competitive edge by sending a group video from the hiring team, and win them over.

  • Send a personalized group video and show the company culture
  • Convince candidates by making them feel part of their new team
  • Speed up your recruitment process and get more contracts signed
Videotape invite others for sales, onboarding, recruitment, marketing or internal comms

Turn your pre-boarding process
into a warm welcome for new hires

Make new employees feel at home before their first day at work by sending them a personalized group video from their future colleagues. Create an outstanding and memorable experience that takes away any anxiety and boosts excitement.

  • Positively surprise and engage with new hires before their first day
  • Show their entire team in a highly personalized video message
  • Turn new employees into fans and create positive Word-of-Mouth

Try Videotape free

  • Involve your team to convert leads and engage customers
  • Speed up the recruitment process and get signatures faster
  • Build customer loyalty and strengthen business relationships

Download Videotape on the App Store     Get it on Google Play

Phone mockup selfie video with Videotape (iPhone cutout)